Volunteering Automation: Why Is It Needed?

Feb 4, 2017 6:05:00 AM / by Gaurav Bhattacharya



Companies have been managing different aspects of their business needs with specialized software for a long time. Running a corporate volunteering program should be no different. Customized volunteering automation software can be a blessing for time-constrained HR professionals and management as it enables the effective coordination and motivation of staff and it makes engagement data readily available. 

Whatever your company's goal in running your corporate volunteering program, contending with all of the variables can be overwhelming. Beyond coordinating your internal staff, there are thousands of volunteering event opportunities in America, as well as over a million charity donation options. Having volunteering automation software is as important as the automated financial and HR systems your company uses. 


What can volunteering automation do for your company?


Volunteering automation attracts new volunteers and retains them.

Having your company’s entire employee volunteer program readily available to the team means people can sign up for the opportunities that interest them, whether individually or as a group. Volunteering with like-minded team members benefits your employees by increasing job satisfaction and developing them as team players. 

Company benefits include an overall increase in employee engagement and volunteer participation, as well as the opportunity to develop employees outside of their job role constraints. 

Volunteering automation software enables easy monitoring of different programs.

The information available upfront to employees allows them to chose to distribute their time between different programs offered by the employer. It makes the overall volunteering program more dynamic. 

Monitoring is a terrific tool for management as they can track the volunteering history of an employee and make further company driven decisions based on that information.

Volunteering automation software can be highly customized.

With proper customization, your company is in full control of the level of information available to employees according to whatever “need-to-know” basis management decides. 

There are also options on some software to allow employees to sign-up for “at-the-moment” campaigns like disaster and emergency relief campaigns.

Chose wisely when you select your corporate volunteering automation tool and the goals you have for it will flourish. Ensure to track your improvements as well and share that information with your marketing team. Successful Corporate Social Responsibility activities are good public relations for your customers to be aware of, as well as your future employees. 


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