How to use 100% of Volunteer Time Off Hours (VTO Hours)

Aug 27, 2016 10:13:00 PM / by Saumya Bhatnagar

So your company’s CSR strategy is in place. You’ve got stake-holders on-board and everyone is super excited about formalizing something that has been a part of your company’s culture.

There is a perfect mix of making a difference in the world with team building and skills development for the company. However, there is one concern. How do you make sure that the employees are using 100% of their volunteer time off hours? We at Involve have done extensive research and come up with some ideas that should work for your company, no matter which industry you are in and what the scale of your employee volunteer program is.

Create an exciting, mixed bag of volunteering opportunities.

Employees in your company will have a preference of where / how they utilize their volunteer time off hours. Give them a range of options to choose from – environment, social or political. Whatever floats someone’s volunteerism boat is what you want to offer him or her so they are involved and motivated to finish what they started.

Make it competitive!  

Incentivize achieving 100% VTO hours by pitting one in-house team against the other! Losing team treats the winners to pizza!

Track on Social Media.

Encourage check-ins, live streaming and tagging when the team is out and about on their volunteering mission.

Choose some issue-based programs.

Current affairs are engaging and choosing a couple of programs dealing with these will see more involvement. Employees will make an effort to complete the mandated voluntary time off hours for a sense of accomplishment. From oil spills to political campaigning and refugee camps, find out what fuels the fire in employees and encourage them to utilize this passion to make a difference.

Host events

Gather like-minded people from the company to host fundraisers. The time required to plan and hold the event should go a long way to meeting your company’s VTO hours goal.

Energy giant NuStar Energy L.P. hosted the NuStar NuHope golf tournament, as well as “Casting for a Cause” which saw employees fishing to raise money for the homeless. It is events like this that saw NuStar employees donate 95,000 volunteer hours company-wide in 2016.

Honor outstanding volunteers.

Employees who are donating more than the required number of hours to their company’s volunteer program should be rewarded for their efforts.

PCL recognizes employees who volunteered more than 250 hours, far above the expected 18 hours per annum with a “Presidential Award Plaque.”

Corporate volunteer programs that recognize the passion of employees and makes volunteering a fun exercise are sure to meet the volunteer time off hours requirement.

Involve can help you monitor the success and efficiency of your employee community engagement program.

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Saumya Bhatnagar

Written by Saumya Bhatnagar

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