Top 4 Employee Retention Strategies

Apr 14, 2017 5:41:58 PM / by Involvesoft Marketing

Top Employee Retention Strategies

Training, company culture, employee retention, employee recognition; these are just some of the many terms that swarm around the concept of employee alignment. Many sources out there will try to sell you information and tell you that employee alignment and engagement is a mysterious space that requires a lot of knowledge and attention. A significant portion of the information out there is complete garbage and that you can improve your employee retention strategies with little to no investment(s). The best part is, you can start implementing these tips today.

What does it really mean to get your employees aligned and engaged, and how do you even go about retaining them? You how you can optimize employee retention strategies using these 4 tips.

1. Create the Right Culture

Far too often workplaces consist of individuals that show up to work for 8 hours and then go home without saying a single word to their colleagues. Having fun and business don’t have to be exclusive. Whenever a company can establish the right culture, work doesn’t feel like “work.” As long as your employees feel like the office is a second home, you’ll never have to worry about retaining them. If you’re an employer, make a conscious effort to interact and oversee what every single one of your employees is working on. Show them that they can have fun at work by going out for lunch as a team, sharing each other’s personal childhood stories, or even going out to a bar together after work. Show your employees that you, and everyone else, are still human. Develop your company culture around empathy and pretty soon colleagues will become the best of friends.

2. Be Flexible

Where possible, give your employees the opportunity to work from home, or alter their hours according to their home schedules. Obviously don’t let your employees take advantage of this, but give them small windows of opportunity to do so. Take this scenario for example; imagine if you, as an employee, wanted to spend a Wednesday morning working from home so you could spend more time with your family. As an employer, imagine how happy that would make your employees. Your employees will begin to think that the company they work for actually cares about their life outside of the office. In return, your employees will be more likely to help you finish tasks even at less opportune times. This is because the more you give to your employees (in this case with flexible schedules) the more likely they are to be flexible for you. Give to your employees, and they’ll give back to you.

3. Recognize Great Work

When it comes to developing proper employee retention strategies, understand that people love to feel valued. In fact, 93% of employees like to receive recognition from superiors at least once every quarter. Take this fact and run with it. You don’t have to plan a fancy event for your employees, although it would be a good idea to do so annually. All you really need to do is offer informal recognition here and there. Don’t overdo it because your employees will begin to think you don’t mean what you say. But genuinely tell them what they’re doing well. A small compliment can completely alter your employees’ mood and productivity.

4. Invest in Onboarding

When you hire a new employee, don’t just tell them what to do or who to go talk to. Take the time to know them. Woo them over and make them fall in love with you and your personality. This, in turn, will offer you a lot more respect from your employees, and will psychologically make them more likely to stick around and work with you. Think of it as another tool in your arsenal of employee retention strategies.

Be transparent with your new hires. Invest your time and money into making your new employees feel like they’re stepping into an opportunity of a lifetime. In fact, according to TalentWise, companies that engage in proper onboarding strategies preserve 91% of their first-year employees, compared to 30% retention rates of those that don’t have proper onboarding strategies. Small investments can go a long way, especially when it comes to supporting your greatest asset. Don’t be that company that is known for not caring for their employees. Instead, establish suitable employee retention strategies to upsurge the overall health of your workplace.


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