The Power of Company Alignment

Jan 28, 2020 9:37:12 AM / by Sophia de Albuquerque


Company alignment has been a top topic lately. The way people work is changing, the number of mobile workforce is growing every day more and more. For this and many other reasons, alignment should become a priority for anyone. It will not only allow companies to excel in their industry but also keep their employees engaged and motivated.

Check some key industry insights that further explain why you should keep company alignment in mind:


  • 80% of the global workers have jobs which are dispersed and require mobility
  • 69% of leaders find that communicating with employees is the hardest part of their job
  • 66% of managers wish they had a better way of collecting feedback from their team and peers 


According to an article in Harvard Business Review by Oxford University’s Jonathan Trevor and Barry Varcoe, "Large, diversified, and geographically dispersed enterprises, in whichever sectors they compete, require the greatest amount of strategic effort by their leadership to be aligned.” So yeah, company alignment is a big deal. When adopted correctly, it can bring amazing benefits to your company, such as:


  • Reduce employee turnover 
  • Increase speed in decision making
  • Improve employee engagement


Don't wait to start applying and introducing new methods to keep your company aligned. You don’t want to be the company in which employees are just waiting for the next opportunity to leave, do you? That is why company alignment is so important, and you should focus on it now. 


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