5 Things To Look For In A Corporate Volunteering Leader

Dec 13, 2018 8:19:20 AM / by Involvesoft Marketing posted in Volunteering, Employee Engagement, Leadership



This post is part of The Ultimate Guide to Corporate Volunteering

Are you organizing a corporate volunteering program? Selecting someone to lead the program is likely on your To-Do list! This is a terrific opportunity for someone in your organization to develop crucial skills that will help them further their career. Consider selecting a promising executive as your leader as it will give them a safe place to develop managerial skills.

Your first step in the process of choosing a leader should be to draft a position description to spell out the expectations. Include specific duties, time expected, and qualifications required just as you would for salaried positions in your company. Do not select someone as a leader of your program that does not meet the requirements you spell out.

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