How to Start a Volunteer Group Within a Company?

Sep 7, 2016 11:44:00 PM / by Saumya Bhatnagar

How to Start a Volunteer Group

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To start a volunteer group is a great step any company serious about building their brand image should take. There are plenty of marketing benefits, but more importantly, it is a real chance to help out a local community.

If you want to participate in volunteering projects aimed at helping the local community, the following course of action will make it easier for you to start a volunteer group.

Start a volunteer group and create a task force

A person would think that volunteering occurs by itself, but in a corporate setting, it is necessary to organize the whole process, in order to successfully jump start it.

The first step to start a volunteer group should be finding people who are going to manage the whole project. Those who want to participate in running a volunteer group need to have exceptional communication skills, as well as motivation to truly help out the community.

It is best to select several people who are going to jointly take some time and focus on what types of volunteer projects can be done, and who are going to be the right people for the job.

The task force has to find individuals in the company who are willing to participate in the project. It is completely unnecessary to turn it into a business assignment, as the volunteerism spirit is going to be lost with both the managers and the volunteers.

Once the team is created, it is time to move on other plans that should be made.

Start a volunteer group and take a look at the local community

Working on just any volunteering project is not going to be truly helpful to your community. It is necessary to investigate and take a closer look to establish what type of project is seriously going to help your local community.

Furthermore, different people in your internal team are going to have different desires, which will directly impact their motivation. It is best to present different ideas to team members and decide what is the best starting project. In order to keep motivation up, it is a good idea to create a schedule that is going to let more suggestions to be accepted.

With this approach, every individual is going to be motivated.

Start a volunteer group and partner with a nonprofit

Like everything in life, starting a new process which you are inexperienced in takes time. However, to make it all a better experience, it is necessary to understand how everything works. This is why partnering with a nonprofit is a great starting step. They already have the network of people willing to work on a project. Your responsibilities are going to include providing space and equipment, depending on the project you are working on.
With this approach, your in-house volunteer group is going to be much more effective, and it is going to be formed in a shorter period of time. Furthermore, you are going to work on creating perfect leaders, who are going to help your business down the road. If you are looking into starting a volunteer program, taking the above steps is definitely the right decision.

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