Social Responsibility of Business from African Entrepreneurs

Oct 20, 2016 11:06:51 PM / by Gaurav Bhattacharya

Corporate Social Responsibility and African Entrepreneurs

Involve CEO Background and Social Responsibility Of Business

Recently I have been studying a lot on how we can launch Involve in Africa. Reading about their beautiful culture and studying their people. There is so much one can learn from some of Africa’s most successful entrepreneurs. They all seem to have or rather share one thing in common – resilience. But over and beyond the seemingly obvious traits they all seem to share, there are simple traits that they share on a personal level. That is, you may find a trait in one entrepreneur and find it lacking in another. So what exactly can we learn from some of the Africa’s most successful entrepreneurs? Do keep in mind that most of them, as you are about to learn are opportunist. Most of them too, aspired to change the world around them through social entrepreneurship. They do this by making sure the social responsibility of business is established from the beginning. That is, they observed problems that marred the communities around them and came up with solutions. Read on to learn more.

Katherine Lucey

It is hard to come up with an energy system that is both renewable and cheap. But that does not mean it is not doable. That is the kind of spirit that Katherine Lucey had when she started Solar Sister. The company, which operates in Uganda, Tanzania and Nigeria, has created more than 9000 jobs. It does not end there. Established on an understanding of social responsibility of business, it has managed to equip more than 25,000 people in the above mentioned countries through Sister Solar’s direct sales network. Katherine solely works with women because she believes the first step to eradicate poverty in any society is by empowering women.

Christie Peacock

What she does is as beautiful as her name. Sidai Africa is the name of her start up. Her main clientele? The pastoralist communities of Kenya like the Maasai and Samburu. Sidai aims to improve the quality of the livestock owned by pastoralist communities. Her approach to social entrepreneurship is unique, compared to that of her peers. First off, Peacock chooses to focus on a group of people who have been ignored for way too long as far as keeping livestock healthy is concerned. The pastoralist communities are always on the move, looking for pasture. They can be in one area today and move tomorrow because of drought or an airborne disease. That means they really don’t have time for veterinary services. Peacock came up with a brilliant solution. She established vet services at strategic places where the pastoralist communities can easy access quick services. Her initiative also offers advice on how to ensure one keeps his or her flock healthy. She of course, charges reasonable fees for her services since most of her clientele depend entirely on livestock.

Vimal Shah

He is a self-made Kenyan billionaire with an undisclosed net worth. As of 2014, 98% of Kenyan households had a product manufactured or processed by his company, the Bidco Group. Vimal noted that most Kenyans had a problem trusting some brands when it came to social responsibility of business and because of the fact that locally produced household goods like cooking oil and soap. He started Bidco in the 70s with his wife and a few investors who believed that it was possible to come up with quality yet affordable household goods. One key lesson to learn from Vimal is the desire to never give up. He notes that he was tempted to give up several times after his competitors came out stronger than him in marketing. He however, held on and managed to outdo his competitors just by offering his clients value for money.

It's great to know how leaders are contributing to our society across the world. We are constantly trying to improve ourselves by finding innovative alternatives to improve the world of corporate social responsibility, get to know more about the collective that is revolutionizing CSR by visiting our team page.

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