Running Corporate Volunteering Programs Effortlessly: HR Tools From Start to Reporting

Mar 11, 2017 6:07:00 AM / by Involvesoft Marketing



There are many reasons your HR department might be required to employ a corporate volunteering program. Examples include increasing employee engagement, attracting more millennials to your company, and enhancing your corporate branding.

Whatever the reason, there are a lot of elements to plan, coordinate, and report on. Having a platform specifically designed for running a corporate volunteering program can be HR’s best friend!

Enter Involve.

Involve software manages the booking process for volunteering events, such as sourcing, registration, and invitations. Additionally, it is capable of post-event tracking, and it even manages hours contributed, pictures uploaded, and employee ratings and comments.

Highlights include:

  • Aligns employees with company culture and values through sharing experiences, social media, surveys, ratings and reviews
  • Easy event management with thousands of volunteering opportunities on the platform
  • Tools to create and manage your own events
  • Enhanced communications, including text, emails, and notifications that drive participation, with cross-office and cross-functional collaboration
  • Gamification elements that foster participation
  • Dynamic reporting and analytics on employee engagement


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Using Involve’s software allows you to streamline managing participation and communication - a particularly daunting task for those of you who manage programs and events across multiple locations and even states.


Who is already using Involve?


Verizon, Ghirardelli, Lithium, Global Atlantic, and OpusBank are among Involve’s clients.



Of particular note is a case study Involve conducted with one of their California-based clients - The Founder Institute.


The case study looked at the Founder Institute’s experience using Involve in their corporate volunteering project with Habitat for Humanity.


The data showed that after 6 months, the Founder Institute had significant increases in all 3 of their Human Resources KPIs.


  • Employee engagement increased 90%
  • Team development went up 70%
  • Brand reputation improved, with as many as 1,400 social media views


The Founder Institute commented: “Off-sites aren’t easy to plan, and volunteering offsites are even more difficult to plan. Paperwork, coordination, and scheduling all take a great deal of time, and Involve streamlines that entire process.”


2019-03-10_12-08-11Involve helps companies expand their volunteering activities and programs via its seamless management and analytical tools. 


Organize your events with ease. Choose from hundreds of opportunities on the Involve platform, or create your own. Streamline the process and efficiently manage communication and participation through cross-functional, cross-office collaboration.




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