Rethinking The Social Responsibility Of Business

Oct 21, 2016 4:07:16 AM / by Gaurav Bhattacharya

Rethinking Corporate Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility Of Business In The 21st Century

No business on earth can survive without aggressive marketing. This can only mean one thing – decision makers must start rethinking the social responsibility of business and come up with smart marketing solutions to engage both customers and employees. That is exactly where Corporate Social Responsibility strategies come into the picture, commonly referred to as CSR, it is not usually interpreted as a marketing tool yet it does more than just promoting a brand. It leaves a good impression for employees and customers alike. Most importantly though, it stands out as a win-win solution for companies and their community. After all, CSR is about giving back to society as a company with volunteering initiatives and charitable efforts. So, how can CSR executives begin the process of rethinking the social responsibility of business and adapt it to their particular industry? How should one plan and execute a CSR project? Here is how:


This happens to be one of the most important factors before rethinking the social responsibility of business and how it impacts your community. Partners in this sense ent

ail companies that are already present in your specific market industry. A complementary organization providing different solutions for common problems. A good way to look at it is where a toothbrush manufacturing company partners with a toothpaste manufacturing company, where both organizations participate in CSR initiatives to create plaque awareness in rural areas of the world and in public schools. With a partner by your side, you can brainstorm ideas and go further to explore ways through which your respective CSR campaigns can be merged into one for the purpose of giving back to society and marketing your respective brands.

CSR Intervals

Budget always plays a big role when it comes to organizing and executing CSR campaigns. It is the sole reason why some companies choose to organize CSR projects once a year while others do it every month. So think well about your budget. Then, while at it, ensure that the CSR project you wish to undertake can be carried at least once every year, at a time that is most convenient for the society and leverages maximum exposure. Note that with a partner by your side, you can have CSR projects several times a year. That is why the importance of a partner can never be underestimated in any CSR project. Note too that the more CSR projects you conduct in a year the more your brand stands out.

Rethinking The Social Responsibility of Business Leadership

This is by far the most valuable asset when it comes to rethinking the social responsibility of business. It gets better with the fact that impeccable leadership development is something one can derive from conducting different CSR projects. To make the most out of it, come up with a handful of participants for your prospective CSR project. Then make sure that the CSR project participants have high potential, are innovative and focused emerging leaders. Have the participants work in small teams on two or three week project assignments in cities or even countries where they have never been to. The goal is to develop and improve their global leadership skills and to make sure that your CSR project becomes a success. By the time the project is over, your employees will become social leaders in the community while also reinforcing your company’s socially responsible image.

Client - Customer Relationship

Before you start rethinking the social responsibility of business as a whole and how it applies to your particular customer market, always think of CSR as a tool that is designed to help you create a unique bond between your employees and your customer’s social interest. So before you start any CSR project, think of your customer as a friend, as a member of your community. CSR efforts can be interpreted as a gift for your community. The gift should solve a problem, improve lives and reinforce the bond between your community and company. Coming up with a CSR project that reflects all these qualities should be easy if you have the right team.
Expand your horizon

Talk about ‘growth’ or ‘expansion’ and just like that, you will have grabbed the attention of a serious business person. That is because businesses always want to grow and have an impact in different parts of the world. CSR is one perfect avenue for growth. The beauty of it is that you do not have to plan for something big. Start with little gestures anytime you wish to enter into a new market where people hardly know your name. You can then begin marketing your company while also making an impact in your community, a strategy that is destined to maximize your efforts exponentially.

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