Progress not Perks; Increasing Employee NPS

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Employee NPS drives customer NPS and customer NPS drives company growth. So what is NPS? It stands for Net Promotor Score and it measures experience and loyalty. Basically, if you want to make money you have to keep your employees happy and loyal. Clear communication will outweigh any perks an office provides to its employees. If employees feel that management and leadership don’t effectively communicate with them and if they feel unfulfilled in their work, basketball tickets and raffles won’t stop them from seeking fulfillment somewhere else. This is why maintaining a feedback loop is crucial to running a good business. Here are some ideas to assure both leadership and employees are “in the loop”.

Staying in the Loop

  • Consistency: Check in with your workers consistently. Annual or even semi-annual reviews are generally a waste of time. Will workers really remember all the issues they face during the year, and is half an hour or even an hour enough to get a clear picture? Plus, only meeting with leadership a couple of times a year is awkward and uncomfortable. If in-depth one-on-one conversations were more regular, employees would get to know leadership more and thus feel comfortable and open expressing their concerns. Also, designating a time to meet is better than just expecting employees to come to you on their own with their concerns. So provide them with the opportunity rather than expecting them to come to you.
  • Premeditation: Consistent feedback makes it easier for management and leadership to address problems sooner and thus resolve it. Have a jump on concerns before they become serious. Be proactive in your efforts and anticipate issues sooner.
  • No judgment: Go into meetings prepared to hear things you don’t want to and try to be as unbiased as possible. Create a safe space and lead by listening.  Be open because people want to feel heard.
  • Surveys: Don’t underestimate the power of surveys. In an age when every online move is being watched, sometimes a good old fashioned survey is better than smart technology. Surveys can predict behavior even when they aren’t filled out. Facebook saw that employees who didn’t fill out either of their annual surveys were 2.6 times more likely to leave in the next six months. Surveys can even pull a bit of a psychological trick on people. An Oxford study found that asking questions can change behavior. When people were asked whether they would or wouldn’t volunteer at the American Cancer Society, rates skyrocketed from 4% to 31%! The question prompts reflection and causes people to feel obligated; I said I would so I probably should. People end up convincing themselves to behave in a certain way as long as it's positive or desirable.


Giving and receiving feedback in a timely manner without fear of retribution provides people with the chance to improve action and behavior. Benefit from consistent, in-person conversations and surveys to close the communication loop. The best leaders know that making sure employees feel heard is far more vital to a company's health than its perks.


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