Product Updates March 2019

Mar 5, 2019 3:08:00 PM / by Johnny Khabushani

We've made some major improvements to our platform to make your job easier and drive employee engagement!  Many of these features have come about through extensive collaboration and great feedback from current and prospective clients.  With each iteration, we aim to solve the real problems which come up for our users.  We hope you enjoy these useful new additions!


 New Explore Tab

The explore tab is our new platform home page.  There are several new features associated with this improvement.  Users now have the ability to sign up for events directly from the homepage with the '1-Click Sign Up' function.  And all users can now see company-wide activities on the Involve platform.



Company Announcement Banner

Administrators of the platform can pin events to the top of the page for better visibility and to drive engagement.  You have the added option of sending the announcement as an email with trackable page-views.



Past Event Photo Gallery

We've made a major improvement to the way photos are displayed in your past events.  Instead of a slideshow, you now see a gallery which can be sorted by 'All photos' and 'My photos'.  This was heavily requested as uploading and viewing event photos is one of the most common actions users take post-event.



 Additional Updates

Dynamic Emails feature

CRA functionality added

Improved reporting

Revamp of settings configurations

Revamp of donation match


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Johnny Khabushani

Written by Johnny Khabushani