Make your New Year's resolution company alignment

Dec 30, 2019 8:00:00 AM / by Sophia de Albuquerque


As the new year approaches, people reflect on their past and plan the changes they want for their future. By this time of the year, new year's resolutions are defined, which are usually promises that will make the upcoming year better than the one that is coming to an end. In two days, we are entering another decade, new business models will emerge, and companies should adapt to these changes while keeping all their employees focused and motivated. To keep up with this new phase while increasing employee engagement, implementing company alignment should be any business top priority for the new year. 

By 2020, millennials are expected to transform and shape the work environment. According to the 2020 workplace theory, over 36% of the workforce will consist of people born after the baby boomer generation. This means there will be a clash of generations, increasing the diversity in the workforce. Due to these changes, companies will have to learn to be more flexible. If done right, more freedom can lead to employee retention and increase company morale. For this reason, a strong sense of alignment is vital. 


Applying an effective company alignment strategy can be tricky. However, there are some strategies that you can follow to a successful implementation.


  • Encourage your employees to commit to your strategy. When people feel alignment with your goals, they feel like they are part of your success, thus motivating them to do their best.
  • Be transparent. Maintaining transparency throughout all your organization can lead to a healthier and productive work environment. 
  • Reward and encourage your employees. Happy employees lead to a happy work environment. Focus on rewarding those who adapt to the new company behavior and motivate them to do so. 
  • Give your employees a voice. Encourage your employees to be open and honest about their opinions and, most importantly, listen to them. When planning your alignment strategy, create an inclusive planning process where everyone is heard.


Commit to a change and act on it. Plan and provide the right resources so your employees will want to stay committed to your strategy. You will see the positive changes and results in the new year. 

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