Keep Company Culture Intact as you Grow

Sep 23, 2019 1:00:00 PM / by Tanya Alvarado



Great news, your company is growing! Growth is a positive thing but it can be daunting for leadership. How can you make sure that the culture you’ve worked hard to build won’t get lost in the shuffle? Here are some tips to keep all your employees satisfied during times of change!


1. First and most important, keep in mind that things will have to change. It’s inevitable. As your company grows, adjustments will be made and your established employees will have to deal with it. Take their opinion into account but ultimately everyone must adjust. The addition of more employees means dynamics in the office will shift as new personalities enter. More often than not, office policies become stricter. That’s why these expectations have to be put in place from the beginning.



2. Keep the culture in mind when you’re hiring. The people you hire make or break the culture that your company strives for. Personality, work ethic, and what they expect from the job will shape the office dynamic. A study by the University of Iowa showed that employees who fit in well among their coworkers, supervisors, and organization are more likely to stay and show greater job performance. If you can afford to be picky, do it. You want people who will be loyal to the company and happy to work for you, so put time into the search process.


3. Like anything important in a company, leaders have to over-communicate to their employees. Prepare your established employees with any changes and make them clear to new employees from the beginning. Don’t give anyone a reason to slip up because at the end of the day if your employees are disconnected or unaware of policy changes, it falls on leadership.



4. Maintain traditions and create new ones. Incorporate new employees into your team by including them in office traditions. Build new ones with the input of recent hires. They bring insights from their previous jobs and can tell you what practices worked best and which ones were absolutely hated. They will be a great resource for leadership, and this way both old and new employees feel included and heard. 


Remember that growth is a good thing. If your team is getting bigger, you’re doing something right! However, maintaining the culture you’ve built can be tricky. Just know that it will take consistent work, even long after you’ve finished hiring and training. 

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Tanya Alvarado

Written by Tanya Alvarado

Marketing Representative @InvolveSoft