Improved Company Culture for Better Alignment and Leadership Skills

Sep 4, 2017 9:50:53 PM / by Involvesoft Marketing

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Organizations that develop their company culture through corporate citizenship programs, such as running a corporate volunteering program, experience a visible increase in employee alignment through engagement. Running these types of programs creates a connection between staff and the business that transcends paychecks and bottom lines. They can unite employees to the company’s mission and help them feel pride in where they work.  There is also an added element of being able to develop staff for leadership roles outside their normal job constraints.  


To encourage participation, let your teams be a part of the decision making process on what charities or events the company is going to support. Collaborate with your employees to help them feel a sense of responsibility in the program, which will lead to better follow through in actually taking part.

During the process you can also be on the lookout for those who would make ideal project and team leaders for the program or charity event days. You can give these people roles that will develop skills making them better candidates when management opportunities arise.|

Employee Support

Support your employees to ensure they take part in your program. Offer paid volunteer time off, for an example, so your workforce doesn’t lose money on the days they are volunteering. Include metrics so you can gauge the effectiveness of the volunteering program. Please see our blog post Using Corporate Volunteering to Improve Alignment? – 3 Tips to Measure Volunteering Performance for tips.

Your program can incorporate supporting an existing charity during specific events but can also include events your business runs. A corporate run event is the perfect opportunity for those budding leaders to take the reins and develop managerial skills.  Nothing unlocks the employee leadership potential more than the opportunity to present their talents and skills.

Achievements Recognition and Bonding

Hard work and increased performance should always be recognized and praised. In your corporate volunteering program this can do two things:

  • Recognition of participants and the overall charitable accomplishment further brings together colleagues and the company on a shared vision. This helps align your employees to your goals and the overall heart of the company’s mission, with all the benefits thereof.
  • Recognition of leaders and managerial accomplishments during the charitable effort can give confidence to the employee and help in their future promotion to higher positions in the company.

Improving company culture through corporate citizenship programs can lead to employees feeling more meaningful, appreciative, and better connected to the company they work for. And in the end, volunteering provides a unique chance for self-motivation and increased engagement that could potentially turn a regular employee into a powerful leader.


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