Hurricane preparation: What to do and not do

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How to Prepare for a Hurricane

One of the worst news a person can receive is that a storm is brewing and they must prepare for a hurricane heading their way.

For some, evacuation is mandatory while others can ride out the storm in their own homes. Everyone must prepare for a hurricane heading his or her way.

Here is a list of some steps people can take to make life easier and more comfortable when in the path of a hurricane.

Prepare to be cut off from local supply stores, gas stations, and electricity.

Potential victims of a hurricane should stock up on essential items enough to see them through for a couple of weeks. Tinned food, packaged dry food, bottled water, basic medicines, personal hygiene items and baby care items should be bought well before the hurricane is expected to make landfall.

If evacuation is mandatory, people should have plastic boxes and large plastic bags handy to pack all the things they’ll need for a couple of weeks.

However, while stocking up, people should be considerate of other people’s needs too and not hoard goods. Only get those items that are necessary, and then too just enough to make do, not extra.

If possible, purchase flares and a generator and stock up on fuel to run it.

Fill the car’s fuel tank completely and top up daily till the storm hits.

In case of evacuation, blankets, batteries and foldable bedding are needed as well.

Ready the home.

Homes must be made ready for an imminent storm, and there is much one can do to prepare for a hurricane in this respect.

Move as many belongings as possible out of floodwater’s reach, especially to the TV and other portable electronic devices.

All un-fixed belongings outside, such as garden furniture should be secured, so they don’t become flying debris.

Board up windows, reinforce doors and where possible, check valves should be installed in sewage pipes to prevent floodwater from backing up the pipes.

Fill up the bathtubs and all available containers of water for the eventual water crisis within your home.

Trim or remove weak branches from trees on the premises.

Secure personal belongings.

Important documents, such as ID, ownership deeds, insurance policies, etc. should be sealed in a waterproof bag and moved to a secure location outside the house, where they can be accessed after the hurricane passes.

Store family pictures and keepsakes above expected floodwater levels.

All data from electronic devices should be backed up before the hurricane hits, and stored on Cloud or an external hard drive, which is secured off-site.

Pets must be given first consideration when a family is preparing for a hurricane. They should be kept with the family if at all possible, or sent to an animal shelter.

If you are in the unfortunate circumstance of having to prepare for a hurricane and evacuate, check out the evacuation route well in advance. Let loved ones know of this route and your shelter’s location. Conserve battery on mobile devices when out of your home, and cook all perishable food before the storm hits.

FEMA has some great guidelines on how to prepare for a hurricane, as do Wikihow and Ready.








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