Top 5 Group Volunteering Opportunities in Houston

Sep 17, 2016 12:25:00 PM / by Gaurav Bhattacharya

Volunteering Opportunities in Houston

In today’s increasingly insular world, it is a disaster of Hurricane Harvey’s scale that makes us stop, disconnect and take a look around us to see that there are real people in real trouble needing our help. Individual and group volunteering opportunities abound in and around Houston, and it is heartening to see people put aside everything to assist those who are more affected than they are.

Some group volunteering opportunities are people borrowing inflatable rafts and looking for stranded residents on their own, and helping strangers tear down the ruined portions of their homes, there is so much kindness and generosity going around.

However, to maximize the effects of this spirit, it is important to have an organized, sustainable group volunteer opportunities in place. We have rounded up five organizations that are offering group volunteering opportunities and going all out to make a difference to those affected by Harvey.

East Fort Bend Human Needs Ministry
This group needs volunteers to sort through piles of clothes donated for victims of Hurricane Harvey and organize other donations like toiletries, blankets, baby items and pet food, etc. into shopping carts and smaller portions. This is a group volunteering opportunity of 6-hour shifts, though shorter hours can be requested.
Get details by clicking here.

Houston Food Bank
This organization is run by the Houston Food Bank and has group volunteering opportunities in shifts of 4 hours daily. They are committed to providing food and supplies to residents of SE Texas over the coming months.
You can click here for more details.

Houston Health Foundation
The foundation is partnering with Target Hunger to supply food to those affected by Hurricane Harvey. They are also supporting partner organizations who are working to “address the health consequences of the storm.” They take in groups of volunteers to help out in their mission.
Click here for more information on their group volunteering program.

Career Gear Houston
Career Gear Houston has opened up a 3200 sq ft. “Basic Needs Relief Center” in the wake of Hurricane Harvey to help those people who are returning home to find the belongings they took with them at evacuation and received at shelters is nowhere close to what they need. They need volunteers to sort out the donations coming in and also to assist people to find what need.
Get more information here.

Fifth Ward Community Redevelopment Corporation
The Fifth Ward CDC currently needs volunteers for its “recovery and clean up” efforts for the houses of Hurricane Harvey victims. They are focusing on cleanup of the properties and securing them. They aim to assist 3 – 4 families a day with volunteer crews and financial aid from can get more information by calling (713) 674-0175

With so many organizations, groups and individuals doing all they can to help others, it is easy to get lost in the huge amount of information going around, and unwittingly do something at odds with the good intentions involved with group volunteering opportunities. For this purpose, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has outlined the best ways you can assist individuals and communities who are impacted by a disaster.
You can do the responsible thing by reading them here.

If you want to get your company involved in corporate volunteerism, we at Involve have some excellent guidelines on “How to Start A Volunteer Group Within A Company.”

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East Fort Bend Human Needs Ministry
Houston Food Bank
Houston Health Foundation
Career Gear Houston
Fifth Ward Community Redevelopment Corporation


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