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Aug 19, 2019 9:45:00 AM / by Tanya Alvarado


Studies say that on average, Americans check their phones 80 times a day. The ease of access to phones has turned them into the primary way in which we consume media. It’s no wonder that it’s rare to find a company that doesn’t utilize social media in some way, and why not? Companies are saving millions and making millions by relying solely on or in large part on social media for marketing. In fact, in 2017 it was calculated that 90 percent of U.S. businesses were using social media for marketing purposes.

It may seem simple but social media marketing takes work and skill. Here are some tips to help boost your influence: 

Create a unique identity:

Build a presence and a unique one. Colors, logos, and even the fonts that a company uses are meticulously chosen so your social media should be curated with care. An easy way to build a unique platform is by choosing an exclusive hashtag. Your employees and customers may be uploading content featuring your company but if they’re not using your hashtag, it will get lost in the million #tbt or #HappyHour posts. Use this as a fun way to engage your employees and brainstorm! Then, of course, encourage your employees to use this hashtag to get the ball rolling! 

Avoid stock photos:
Stock photos are boring. No matter how recent these stock photos are, no matter how diverse the people in it are, they never feel genuine. Use your available resources. Scour the internet and find photos from people using your hashtag, from real people using your product. Reach out to your employees and encourage them to post so that you have a stock of actual content to repost. A plus is that by reposting content from employee or customer profiles onto an official company profile, these people will feel special and connected to the company plus it’s a chance for them to gain more followers or contacts. 

Don’t be afraid to follow back and follow first:
Some people and businesses fear an unequal follower to following ratio. Sure, having millions of followers while only following a few hundred may seem attractive but these kinds of ratios are not practical for companies just starting their social media presence. An easy way to gain followers and drive up views is by following people first. If someone can’t find your profile, or maybe isn’t even looking, what’s the harm in attacking first and requesting a follow? The best-case scenario is that they follow back, worst is that they don’t. Plus, there are plenty of apps that tell you who is and isn’t following you back if you want to periodically unfollow users to shift the ratio in the other direction. 

Stay consistent:
Even one post a week. Nothing is a bigger red flag than seeing an official company platform whose last post was months or years ago. This tells a potential customer one of two things: they don’t care about their content/product or they’re out of business. Why would anyone follow an account sending out radio silence? Constantly update your profiles even if it’s the same post across Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. An active presence is better than no presence at all. 

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Tanya Alvarado

Written by Tanya Alvarado

Marketing Representative @InvolveSoft