Exercise Your Company's Core Values from the Bottom Up

Jul 15, 2019 3:53:20 PM / by Tanya Alvarado



“Are your employees aligned with the company's mission?” This is a common question posed to leadership because it’s common that employees cannot name what their company values most if you asked them. If your employees don’t know what you stand for, how will your customers? Here are some simple, helpful tips to exercise your company’s core values from the bottom up.

Align Your Employees

  • First of all, ask yourself a difficult question. Are you willing to fire someone who has compromised the values of your company? Does money rule above all else? If you are thinking big picture and of the future, your values should be uncompromisable. 
  • Promote from within. Advertising your company’s values does not require a full-blown marketing campaign when your employees are available. Employees can be symbols of your company mission, especially if they work directly with customers. Pivot your attention to promoting your values in house rather than to the public. 
  • Encourage meaningful daily interactions, it’s the little things that matter after all. Say your company values philanthropy, do your employees volunteer their time and help a co-worker who has fallen behind? You value kindness and empathy, but is it reflected in the office? Grabbing a coffee for a colleague without them asking, seeking help and receiving it, saying please and thank you are examples of small gestures that build a positive culture of community and may align with your particular values.
  • Foster open discussions. Schedule meetings a few times a year focused on your company’s core values. Remind your employees what those are and what the ultimate mission is. Ask them if they believe that they are being effectively practiced in the office by management and by their peers. Have them offer suggestions that they believe will further demonstrate company values.


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Tanya Alvarado

Written by Tanya Alvarado

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