Involve As An Example of Corporate Social Responsibility

Oct 21, 2016 4:08:38 AM / by Involvesoft Marketing

Example of Corporate Social Responsibility

Getting Recognized

Involve is proud to announce their latest success in the San Diego Venture Group. Once again we managed to gain recognition as one of the top cool companies in the Southern California startup scene, and as an example of Corporate Social Responsibility success.

What went down

We had the opportunity to showcase our product as an example of Corporate Social Responsibility and educate others about how it is one the most innovative approaches to increase positive awareness of your brand image, keep employees engaged with the community, and ultimately impact your bottom line. In addition to explaining the benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility through employee alignment programs. We also had the chance to get technical and showcase how our tool helps automate all your volunteering and donation efforts, all with a single interactive dashboard.

Why Involve Wins As An Example of Corporate Social Responsibility

Involve's success is tied to the effectiveness and efficiency leveraged to all CSR and HR Directors looking to compile qualitative and quantitative data with a single tool. Allowing to showcase the results in terms of how your company is currently involved with Volunteerism, and how your results compare to those of your market competitors. Even the largest organizations out there are far behind from streamlining all Corporate Social Responsibility programs efficiently. No matter how big or small your company may be, our platform is on route to becoming the official benchmark when it comes to measuring CSR success with our performance impact score. Our impact score will reflect how much your employees participate in their Corporate Giving and Volunteer efforts. Increasing your CSR footprint in your market, allowing your company to build shared success with your target market and ultimately become an example of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Now It’s Your Turn

Long gone are the days of painful manual data entry into static spreadsheets with limited automation, inter employee conflict producing low retention rates and negative reviews which discredit your brand. Our platform was specifically designed to increase company and community culture through Volunteer hours and Corporate Giving. The number of Volunteering hours and donations your company leverages on an ongoing basis is up to you. By giving your employees the option to volunteer for more than 6,000 volunteering event opportunities and beyond 1.6 million charity donation options in America. You have the power to make your company be the change you want to see in the world.

You now know that Involve is the proven Corporate Social Responsibility platform solution for businesses of all sizes. Maximize your CSR efforts to the next level and request a demo today.

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