Don't Leave Your Frontline Employees Behind

Sep 16, 2019 9:05:00 AM / by Tanya Alvarado


Engaging your frontline employees is critical to a company’s success and leadership needs to take the lead. Your frontline workers are the ones who interact directly with customers, they’re on their feet, in the open and represent your brand. Here are some tips to effectively engage with your frontline workers: 


For many reasons, you shouldn’t solely depend on managers to communicate on your behalf. One issue is timing. If you have a dispersed company, it’s impossible for managers to share information simultaneously. Therefore, some employees will hear about major changes before others. Another issue is delivery. Think of it like a game of telephone; as the message goes down the ladder to the next person, it's going to change and the end result will be different from the original. There's no way to know exactly how news is delivered, it will be filtered through the eyes of each manager and results will be inconsistent. Thirdly, frontline employees will feel disconnected and maybe even disrespected if big changes or announcements are delivered by their immediate superior instead of from “the horse’s mouth”. Important information should come from the very top, directly to workers who are essentially the face of the company. After all, if they are unhappy and show this contempt with customers, it's not them who suffer, it’s the company name that is tarnished.


Spotlight their accomplishments. An employee spotlight is a great way to engage your deskless workers. Seeing your peers being celebrated with company-wide recognition makes them all feel valued. Even better, implement a nomination system so that workers can nominate each other! This way, even the most remote employee has the chance to be featured. 


Gamify engagement. Let’s look at an example. When parents want their kids to do something, they might offer them some kind of treat as a condition of listening. “Do you want ice cream? No ice cream if you don’t pick up your toys.” Some may think of it as a bribe, but others as an effective way to get things done. So why not use that methodology with your employees. Asking workers to take time out of their busy day to take a survey or read an email is difficult but gamification may offer a solution. Offer points and rewards for reaching certain goals and people will be more inclined to take action. You could offer 10 points for every survey taken, 5 points if they reply to a post with a comment, 50 if they attend a workshop. Provide rewards and prizes for every milestone, and people will work toward it.


Involve makes top-down communication easy. We offer an Instagram-like feed that employees can go to for the latest news and announcements, read spotlight stories, and take surveys and communicate with members of their community. They can easily sign up for in-person and even virtual events with a click of a button. Our mobile-friendly platform is perfect for frontline,  deskless, and remote employees. We provide valuable insights and recommendations to leaders to ensure their message is heard. Click below for a demo of our platform.


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Tanya Alvarado

Written by Tanya Alvarado

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