Desktop or Smartphones, that is the question

Jan 14, 2020 8:00:00 AM / by Sophia de Albuquerque


The technology landscape is changing. The way the web is being accessed is entirely different from how it was before. People are switching from using big and chunky to lean and small screens. More and more mobile usage is exceeding desktop usage, 70% of all Americans own smartphones and 50% own tablets. These mobile devices are responsible for 71% of the country’s digital traffic. Tasks that were limited to the desktop now are fully done through a smartphone. People shop, interact, and work using their phones. 



Along with the high usage of smartphones and tablets, the number of the remote and deskless workforce keeps growing. All these changes create new needs, forcing business applications to be accessible through any smartphone. Because of that, Involve has developed a mobile responsive platform that adapts to these changes while keeping your employees engaged.


With Involve’s platform, your employees will always be aligned with your company values. You will be able to communicate with your disperse workforce even when they are not sitting in front of their computers. Company announcements can be sent through text or email increasing the visibility and responsiveness rate of each post. Because social media is a vast channel used by everyone nowadays, we have developed an Instagram-like platform. You just have to scroll down to be up to date with your company’s news. 


At Involve we make it easier for your employees to feel connected with your company, even when they are not around. People hate feeling left out, and when they do they feel disconnected with your values decreasing their productivity. Don’t wait to see the bad results of choosing poor communication choices. Act on improving your company alignment and employee engagement today.

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