Corporate Volunteer Programs: Why You Need Them

Oct 21, 2015 4:54:00 AM / by Involvesoft Marketing

Why Your Company Needs a Corporate Volunteer Program

Significance of Establishing Corporate Volunteer Programs

There’s no doubt that having a proper volunteering program in your business will help the overall health of your company. Having proper corporate volunteer programs is a huge factor when determining a company’s credibility. Without credibility there is no trust. Without trust there is no business. Without business…well you get the point. An easy way to establish a solid foundation of credibility is through various volunteering programs. However, knowing which programs to participate in can be a little tricky.

Know Your Industry

Before a company can begin on a journey of discovering what corporate volunteer programs best fit their industry, employers and employees must come to an agreement. In order to properly pick and choose which charities, projects or non-profits to engage in, consider your own industry. If your company specializes in real estate you don't get as much benefit from participating in a social event regarding animal cruelty. Sure, it will still benefit your company, but it’s not an efficient way to maximize your results. A better alternative would be to participate in an event that helps build homes for the less fortunate. Engaging in any social activity will most definitely help your credibility, but it’s important to spend your time and energy on something at least tangential to your industry for maximum results.

Plan of Action: Find the Right Corporate Volunteer Programs

Now that we understand the importance of corporate volunteer programs, it’s time to get to work! Once you have a general understanding of your industry, and your employee needs, you can begin to reach out to nonprofit organizations. Seeking out for charities and events can be a time consuming task. This is where most companies forget about their corporate social responsibilities. Failure to fulfill these responsibilities can result in high turnover rates for your business. If you’re wishing for an easy way to target various nonprofit events and charities tailored to your industry then you’re in luck!  With this powerful tool you are able to establish a solid foundation of credibility with little work. This allows you to focus on other areas of your business while maintaining authority in your industry.

Find out how Involve is helping companies by creating corporate volunteer programs personalized for their specific industry. Request a Demo today and start establishing your company’s credibility!

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