Showcasing Corporate Social Work for StartUp Grind SoCal

Oct 21, 2016 4:08:01 AM / by Involvesoft Marketing

Showcasing Corporate Social Work

Corporate social work outreach: StartUp Grind SoCal

Where can you find over 1,000 investors and entrepreneurs engaging in passionate work for a better tomorrow? On September 27, 2016, StartUp Grind SoCal was held to bring together like-minded individuals in the startup scene. With over 40 companies attending, Team Involve tackled on StartUp Grind SoCal with passion, showcasing what corporate social work is all about.

The event began at 9:00 am. Shortly after breakfast was served, multiple companies began networking and pitching their ideas to potential investors and partners. The environment was awe-inspiring. The smell of motivated and dedicated individuals quickly made itself present as the event proceeded. Team Involve was ready to immerse into this vibrant millennial atmosphere.

The future of corporate social work

CEO Gaurav Bhattacharya’s smile throughout the event illustrated just how excited he was for the future of Involve, and how it is changing the world of corporate social work. Backed by a team of inspired and committed individuals, Involve created innumerable connections through astonishing pitches made by the whole team. The feedback Team Involve received was remarkable. Here at Involve we are dedicated to making people love where they work. Through our program of corporate social work, Involve allows corporations to increase employee retention and productivity. It’s a win-win! Increase corporate reputation through philanthropic causes has never been easier. Creating a strong reputation is the driving force to great work. But what is great work? Great work is all about passion. Giving back to the community with corporate social work allows for a strong connection between team members of a corporation and their customers. This yields employee productivity and a desire to achieve high quality exertion. But great work only comes with a great team.

Importance of a Team

Throughout multiple fireside chats and keynotes during the event, it was apparent that the most successful individuals are backed by a successful team. Almost all companies attending Startup Grind SoCal had a team of well-rounded people. Teamwork is not just a duty of working together, but an entity of growing together. A strong team illustrates efficiency in the way a company is developed. Failure to establish a strong foundation of like-minded individuals may result in catastrophic incidents in the future. Attending StartUp Grind SoCal has once again confirmed the importance of having passionate team members interested in creating life-long connections to pave success for the future.

The future is bright and so is our team. Learn more about the masterminds behind the leading CSR management solution in the market by checking out our team page.

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