Company Culture as a Competitive Advantage

Dec 1, 2015 7:07:00 PM / by Saumya Bhatnagar

Company Culture as a Competitive Advantage

The Often Overlooked Element of Attracting Top Talent

In the battle for the next generation of talent, many companies focus on attracting quality employees with competitive cash compensation packages and creative perquisites. One element of the employee value proposition that often gets overlooked is company culture, which is becoming increasingly important to younger employees according to Company culture is comprised of many factors, including work-life balance, learning and development opportunities, workforce camaraderie, and community involvement.

Community involvement, whether done individually or in teams, allows employees to broaden perspectives, make a positive impact, and connect with each other. It is a key factor to maintaining employee engagement and satisfaction and can be a defining element of company culture. However, there is often a gap between the unique skills a team of employees can offer and the ways that those skills can be deployed through most volunteer organizations. By engaging in skills-based volunteering, employees can maximize their impact on the community.

Connecting Employees With The Right Opportunities

When searching though the vast array of volunteer opportunities, it can be difficult to find the right fit. Involve allows employees to connect with volunteer organizations in ways that weren’t possible in the past. When employees join the Involve platform, they create a profile that incorporates both their skill set and interest. Involve then matches employees with volunteer opportunities based on their personalized skill set and interest. Similar to how Netflix recommends the perfect show to viewers, Involve finds the perfect volunteer opportunity for employees.

By matching employees with the right volunteer opportunities, Involve fosters deeper connections that enable lasting impact. When employees use their unique skills in volunteer work, not only do they create more impact in their communities, but they also enjoy a greater sense of fulfillment. This sense of impact and fulfillment is why employer-sponsored community involvement is a key part of company culture. Companies that enable employees to thrive both in the workplace, and beyond, create a culture that attracts and retains top talent.

Find out more about how Involve connects employees with nonprofits that leverage their unique skills to make a positive impact on the community by visiting our customer success page.

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Saumya Bhatnagar

Written by Saumya Bhatnagar

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