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Mark Hellinger is the Chief Revenue Officer for InvolveSoft. He has been involved in numerous high-quality startups through his engagements with EvoNexus and the Founder Institute.

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Out With the Old: Innovative Software Keeps Corporate Volunteers Active & Engaged

Feb 18, 2017 6:02:00 AM / by Mark Hellinger posted in Employee Engagement, gamification


The Evolution of Corporate Volunteering Software


Most corporate volunteering platforms on the market today evolved from grant management and donations tools. In years past, that was really the primary functionality corporations required. Most companies would just dole out grants and organize donation drives with a vague sense of employees “giving back”. Often they didn’t even involve employees.


Corporate volunteering is much more about employee engagement than grant and donation management. Many large corporations are now running their own charity events that involve their employees in a direct way.


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