Product Updates April 2019

Apr 8, 2019 3:10:00 PM / by Johnny Khabushani

We're happy to announce our latest feature set to our platform!  Piggybacking off of the major changes in March, our product team has been hard at work developing new modules and building tools to help improve your company's alignment goals.  

Newsletter Feature

Does your organization struggle with aligning your employee base to the company mission?  Does communication seem fragmented or feel like a game of telephone?  Our brand new newsletter functionality helps ease the pains of inter-departmental communication.  Now you can send aligned messaging company-wide or to specific communities.  Shout out to the client who inspired this idea!


Point Tracking Updates

If you've been using the beta version of our Point Tracking system, get excited because we've just made our new point updates available to everyone.  The updated UI features a more intuitive and aesthetically pleasing design.  The cards on your profile screen show how many points you receive for taking certain actions.  And when you click on one of the cards, it navigates you to that feature!



Activity Feed within Communities

Keep up to date on what your peers are doing.  Don't miss out on an event that your friends and coworkers go to.  Now you can see, all in one place, what's going on in your communities!



Open/Closed Communities

Our newly introduced 'Communities' are already growing in functionality.  Now, when you create a community, choose whether you want this group to be open or closed.  A closed community will require an admin to grant access, whereas an open community is available for anyone to join.  Once users are in a community, they are eligible for targeted communication via newsletters at your discretion.



We hope you like the new features!  And, as always, please reach out to your customer success team with any questions.  Stay tuned for the next update. 

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