Aligning Your Employees With Your Mission and Vision

Mar 18, 2019 6:04:00 AM / by Involvesoft Marketing


Aligning Your Employee WIth Your Mission

Involve conducted a webinar with International optics company Essilor USA to learn how they have successfully developed their employee engagement program with over 8,000 staff.

You'll hear how Essilor USA:

  • Incorporates the mission into the employment brand
  • Onboards new employees into the Mission Statement
  • Incentivizes and rewards employees for participation in the company's mission
  • Measures and communicates success


To watch the recorded Webinar click here.

About Essilor

Essilor is a global company that manufactures and distributes optical products and services.

If you're wearing glasses right now the lenses that are in there were likely manufactured by Essilor. They have locations globally, with Essilor of America the focus of this webinar. Essilor of America is one of the largest subsidiaries of the Essilor international team.

Essilor of America employs about 8,500 people, and is growing. They recently partnered with Luxottica, which is one of the largest frame retailers.  

Essilor Brands


While some may not have heard of Essilor, some have likely heard of their Transitions brand. Those are the lenses that turn into sunglasses when you walk outside. 


Another one of their brands, Varilux, manufacturers progressive lenses where they adjust based on where you're looking whether it's nearsighted or farsighted. Their Crizal brand employs anti-glare. Their Eyezen brand is an up and coming technology that protects against digital strain. Their Xperio brand protects your eyes from the sun and lastly, their Ultimate Lens brand combines all of the technologies into one single lens that you have the absolute best vision, clarity and protection. 


About Essilor's Mission

Essilor's mission is improving lives by improving sight. It's a very simple yet very powerful statement that gives purpose to the work.


Improving Lives by Improving Sight


How Essilor Supports the Mission

There are several ways Essilor supports the mission in the US.

Correcting Vision

There are 150 million people across the US that require vision correction, and that number is actually growing as more and more people spend time on digital devices and less time outside. There is a rise in the cases of nearsightedness, or myopia. As that number grows, Essilor is developing new innovations and eye care solutions.

Protecting Vision

Essilor is committed to technology that help ensure the best protection on your eyes in your sunglasses.  

The Essilor Vision Foundation

Essilor has a charitable branch. The Essilor Vision Foundation is committed to serving communities that don't have access to vision care, or perhaps can't afford to have the solution or the glasses that they need. The Foundation has been operating for about 10 years. 

Corporate Sustainability at Essilor

Essilor has a lot of initiatives underway to increase the sustainability of the company as they believe they cannot deliver on their overall mission if they do not have sustainable development in what they are doing.

Primary efforts have been placed into environmental friendly products and operating labs with energy and water conservation in mind.

There is also a huge focus in company culture and inclusiveness. 


Incorporating the Mission into Recruiting and Retention

Essilor places heavy emphasis on their WIRED values, which stands for working together, innovative, respect and trust, entrepreneurial spirit, and diversity/inclusion. Aligning employees with these values is incredibly important to the company. 

A key way of getting employees aligned in the mission is getting them active in the Essilor Vision Foundation or another charity in their local community. By providing volunteer days off, Essilor proves to its employees that they believe in their mission of giving back and truly want employees to participate in that mission. 

Through the Involve platform, Essilor has successfully aligned their employees with their mission, getting hundreds of hours of volunteer hours recorded in addition to thousands of dollars being donated to charitable organizations.



Research shows that people are drawn to a company that has a mission, or has a purpose. Essilor endeavors to be authentic and communicating their mission is a huge recruitment piece that they leverage.

This also helps them in finding the right people to work at Essilor. They make sure prospective employees understand how ingrained the mission is in the day to day work. It is incorporated into interview questions and into their recruitment campaigns.



Essilor uses a training module and video that walks new recruits through the company's mission and the history behind it. Employees are encouraged to take part in the Foundation and other opportunities to see the mission firsthand.

Employees are given two days of paid time to go and volunteer, whether it be with Essilor Vision Foundation or whether it be in their local community, just to help instill how important Essilor's mission is in improving the quality of lives.

Essilor also features the Foundation's work on internal communication channels and consistently highlights the mission and those who participate.


Employee surveys reveal to Essilor how effective their efforts at employee alignment have been. Employees from the finance department, to the labs, and beyond have expressed how connected they feel to Essilor's mission. 

They make real efforts to listen to employee feedback and adjust to help alignment along. They recently ran their Difference Makers Campaign that gave employees an opportunity to sign up for a variety of volunteer events in their local communities and to share their experiences. They were also incentivized to participate in the campaign via a points system/gamification.

The campaign yielded 700 volunteer hours, with over 1000 employees signing up.  There were many authentic stories shared and participants expressed a real connection to the making a difference sentiment at the heart of Essilor's overall mission. The campaign created an amazing movement within the organization with people connecting with the company mission and driving it forward. 


To watch the recorded Webinar click here.



About Involve:    We're the software platform that Essilor began using in November 2018. In just two months they organized a number of events with 700 volunteer hours accomplished and 1000 employees getting involved.

Involve is an easy way to help you find and manage your employee alignment. 


To watch the Recording click here or to request an Involve Demo click here.



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