Align your Dispersed Workforce

Jan 7, 2020 8:00:00 AM / by Tanya Alvarado



Gallup found that about 43% of American employees do their jobs away from an office at least part of the time and that this number is rising. In 2030 the demand for remote work will increase by 30% thanks to Gen Z preferences, according to Gartner. So with the landscape of daily work life transforming, how can traditional companies keep up?

Align Your Workforce

  1. Be mobile-friendly: First and foremost, a company needs to have whichever platform they use to communicate be mobile-friendly. Not all employees have access to a desktop; their job may not even depend on computers at all. For these types of workers, their phones are vital to staying in the loop and that’s why a mobile-friendly platform is key. 
  2. Digital forms and surveys: Feedback from remote and deskless workers is so important especially since that’s where the trend is heading. They need to receive the same information and be offered the same opportunities to voice their opinions/concerns as office employees. The nature of their jobs means that these things will have to be done digitally.
  3. Record important meetings and updates: Again, dispersed workers are at high risk of missing out on important information and not feeling like a part of the team. Management must make the effort to close the feedback loop. Recording important meetings and having executives record important updates to be sent out to these workers is a fantastic and modern way to keep them updated. 
  4. Make time for in-person meetings: Your office employees are face to face with management 5 days a week, dispersed workers are well...all over the place. Sure, video meetings are better than nothing at all but taking the time to meet these workers at least once goes the extra mile to show them that they matter to the company. 


Dispersed work is becoming the norm. More and more people are working remote or have jobs that require them to be on the road, on their feet, and basically not at a desk. Companies will have to make adjustments to their policies and culture in order to keep up with the trend. 


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Tanya Alvarado

Written by Tanya Alvarado

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