5 Things To Look For In A Corporate Volunteering Leader

Apr 19, 2017 7:25:00 AM / by Involvesoft Marketing


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Are you organizing a corporate volunteering program? Selecting someone to lead the program is likely on your To-Do list! This is a terrific opportunity for someone in your organization to develop crucial skills that will help them further their career. Consider selecting a promising executive as your leader as it will give them a safe place to develop managerial skills.

Your first step in the process of choosing a leader should be to draft a position description to spell out the expectations. Include specific duties, time expected, and qualifications required just as you would for salaried positions in your company. Do not select someone as a leader of your program that does not meet the requirements you spell out.

Your position description should also incorporate the following leadership elements:



Recruit someone who is particularly passionate about the cause or charity your program is serving. Your leader will be rallying others to put in free effort. They should genuinely feel the passion they will be expected to inspire in others.

They need soft skills, focus, and integrity, and need to be the type of person that can take pride in their team.

Clear Communicator

Your leader should be capable of giving clear directives and steady feedback to management. This person needs to be quick to speak encouraging words and ensures volunteers are acknowledged. They need to be comfortable celebrating the volunteering program’s milestones in a way that pulls together the volunteers as a team.


It goes without saying that an organized person is going to be a more successful person. Is your potential leader often late or maintains a desk in complete disarray? You’ll want to keep sifting through your potential leaders if this is the case.



Your leader should be capable of earning the respect of the volunteers - people who are not being motivated by pay or the risk of losing a position. You want someone who is inspiring, and not just a manager. Look for a person who already has this type of clout in your workplace.


Things change. Particularly if you are just establishing your corporate volunteering program, things can go in different directions than planned. Selecting a leader who is not capable of being flexible or is unable to come up with creative solutions when derailments happen, will harm your program.

Wrapping Up

Selecting a leader for a corporate volunteering program is not something to take lightly. The person you choose is going to be charged with many responsibilities, and so the perfect candidate should be passionate, a clear communicator, organized, respectable, and flexible. With these skills, the leader of your program will be able to inspire your workforce and make volunteering an integral part of your corporate culture.

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