5 Steps For a Successful Product Launch

Nov 4, 2019 9:30:00 AM / by Tanya Alvarado



The period before launch is a critical time in a partnership. Open lines of communication, having a plan, and mutual support are key for a successful launch. Here is a check list of 5 things you should consider during pre-launch.            

  1. Create communities based on interests, location, department, etc. 
    • This is a great first step for two reasons. One, once you have identified your communities you can begin to designate admins and champions for each. Two, when you launch, users will have multiple community options that they opt in to join.
  2. Build Your Team
    • This might be the most important step in your prelaunch phase. Designate platform administrators and champions. You will need people to administer the platform overall, and to champion your communities. Admins have the ability to create events, create communities, and change the configuration settings of the platform. Champions are community coordinators that can create events.
  3. Preplan events
    • Pre-populating the platform with events is a great way to welcome users. It’s a great idea to create events in your largest community so that the most users have something to interact with when they first log into the platform. Also, think about who will take the lead in creating events for users to sign up for? Will admins and champions be solely in charge of this or will you change the configuration settings and allow users throughout the company to create events? The main goal is that users don’t log into an empty portal. Check out this blog, Making the Most of Your Home Page, for more tips and tricks. 
  4. Have a roll-out plan 
    • Your company employees should be aware of the launch well before it happens. Let them know about the exciting new partnership between Involve and your company. Send out communications that include important dates, what they should expect, etc. You might even have employees who reach out and want to be involved and therefore find your community champions. You should communicate all the new changes with your company employees all the exciting new changes. Keep them in the loop before launch with what the platform will be and what it's for. Educate them. Build excitement. The goal is to have the maximum number of people activate their account, sign up to events, and drive your usage up!
  5. Communicate with your CS team 
    • Last but definitely not least, communicate with your CS team. Involve encourages you to reach out for help, questions, and concerns. We can help with tips 1-4. We can provide resources to send out to your employees before launch, help you navigate the platform, hold admin training sessions, and much more. We want your launch to be a success so an open line of communication is a must.
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Tanya Alvarado

Written by Tanya Alvarado

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