5 Simple Ways to Motivate Your Employees

Jan 19, 2017 7:05:39 PM / by Involvesoft Marketing

Motivate Your Employees

Lack of Motivation Leads to Employee Turnover

Motivation is a key driving factor for the reason why an individual does a particular action. It’s a steppingstone into a field of productivity and advancement towards a small or large-scale goal. But motivation can be a touchy subject. It’s a much easier said than done type of thing. You can’t really tell someone to do something and expect to get a result out of it. Pure motivation comes from an inner belief that what you’re working for is for a worthy cause. It’s this internal willpower to do great work and produce your best effort every time.

Balance is Everything

In order to be truly in tune with what you genuinely believe in, you must first have a balance of work and play. With everything comes a balance. There is no good without bad, no up without down, and no productivity without laziness. Often employees will tend to lose motivation, and employee turnover will increase. This is because of two main reasons. Reason one being that they are not in sync with the work that they do. This can mean that if an individual does not believe in a particular company’s goal(s), it’s going to be a rough start from the beginning, and eventually leading to a company's employee turnover to skyrocket. The second reason why employees can lose motivation is the fact that they are being overworked with no gratification. Granted, every employee can have different reasons for not being productive in their workplace, but the act of laziness stems from one of these two viewpoints. If there’s going to be only one thing you take away from this is that hire employees that are authentic and that demonstrate a belief similar to that of your company. Once you’ve found the right individuals suited for work, add these 5 simple tips and you’re golden.

1) Recognition For Achievements

You’d be lying if you told someone you don’t like being praised for the work that you do. It’s in the human nature of wanting to be rewarded for the things that we do. Our brains are genetically engineered to seek recognition. Think about why we even have awards. Sports, movies, and whatever else that offers any sort of reward exist because of the need for recognition. So take this ideology and implement it into your workplace. Make it a conscious effort to reward your employees for the work that they do. A simple one on one sit-down with an employee can be very powerful. Often employees that work with no gratification have no internal connection with the person managing them. Your work will take a large portion of your life. Treat your employees as your family. Bring value to their life, and they will do the same for you.

2) Free Food

Who doesn’t love free food? Think about how much it actually costs your employees for their food each month. This can add up to a fraction of their paycheck. Offering free food will not only make employees love coming to work, but it will make them more productive. When employees have full stomachs without having to break the bank, a feeling of satisfaction will be released in their mentality. Hungry people tend to be grumpy people, why jeopardize your workplace with something that can be easily fixed. Although most employees will bring their own food, think about how much it costs them. Not having to think about your hard earned money going towards food will free up your mind to focus more on being productive in the workplace.

3) Incentivize and Gamify

Individuals love being rewarded with incentives and gifts. Being able to establish an employee alignment program that allows employers to incentivize certain performance-based metrics is a great way to boost workplace productivity. Employees can be given the option of receiving small bonuses, receiving gift cards, or even getting extra vacation time. For example, you could have every employee receive $1000 for every 40 hours they volunteer to a specific cause that their company is passionate about. Getting all your employees aligned with the corporate mission and working together, is a great team building mechanism that will most definitely enhance productivity.

4) Increase in Salary

This is probably the most common thing looked at when it comes to trying to motivate individuals. Tip 3 above is a great example of how this could play in action. Giving an incentive such as a slight increase in salary will keep employees motivated to keep pushing for more. It’s at this point when you begin to maximize your ROI on your employees. Like mentioned before, offer value to your employees and they will do the same for you.

5) Create Opportunities For Advancement

Employees often lose motivation when their tasks start to become a day-to-day dead end activity. Show your employees the big picture. Make them understand that the community they’re apart of is moving towards a goal that is much larger than they thought. We all love instant satisfaction, but it's tough to keep a mindset like this when working in a company that is after a large-scale goal. Often it’s going to take a lot of work to get where a company wants to, so show your employees that they are apart of a cause that is worthwhile. At the end of the day, it’s about learning. The moment your employees stop learning is the moment they start to fall into a trap of despair. Create opportunities where employees can learn new tasks that will help them advance into further positions in the workplace. Treat your employees how you would want to be treated.


A lack of motivation in your workplace can lead to an increase in employee turnover. Offer value to your employees and they'll give back to you. Motivate them, inspire them, and teach them to be productive members of society. Find out how Involve is helping companies motivate their employees by requesting a demo!

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