4 Ways Volunteering Builds Employee Engagement

Apr 19, 2017 7:37:00 AM / by Gaurav Bhattacharya

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What IS employee engagement? It's a common problem that companies have with employees who are not engaged and not challenged adequately with their tasks is having difficulties in retaining them long term. On a smaller scale, issues like lack of enthusiasm usually lead to less productivity and a decrease in the quality of their work.

Although there are many lists on the subject of engaging your employees, perhaps you should try volunteering. This growing trend is gaining popularity for a reason. Here's how volunteering can affect employee engagement.

Efficient Team Building Activity

Lack of engagement may also be a consequence of weak team spirit. When your employees don’t know each other well, at least their professional strengths and weaknesses, your team cannot possibly function properly.

If they engage in a volunteering program, you can be sure that they will bond. Removing them from the office environment and placing your employees in a setting which is unrelated to your brand will influence their state of mind, make them relaxed, talkative, and assertive.

A Sense of Purpose for Employee Engagement

Naturally, not just any kind of team building activity will do this for your employees. Volunteering is not only an entertaining thing to do – but it also gives a sense of purpose. When your employees connect over a couple of drinks, that’s one thing, but when they are fighting for the same use which will make a difference in the world is something entirely different. This kind of boost of morale will have a significant effect on your whole office.

Retention and Employee Engagement Method

Because of the factors we just listed (bonding via fighting for a more significant cause), volunteering is a great team building activity. When your employees unite and build this kind of spirit, it will evoke a sense of loyalty. So instead of looking for a new job, your employees will help your business further, until it becomes a company they want to work for.

An Effective Advertising Method

Starting a volunteering program acts as an advertising method, whether you create it to build employee engagement or not. If you want this to work out to your advantage, make sure that the head of your office and the management team supports this cause – it will bring more value to the project. Also, public exposure will bring in more work to your room, so those employees who didn’t encounter enough challenges so far will have a handful.

These four reasons prove volunteering is an important employee engaging method. So, you can either go with the outdated methods and force your employees to bond or, you can give them freedom and allow them to grow as a team together!


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