Are you organizing a corporate volunteering program? Selecting someone to lead the program is likely on your To-Do list! This is a terrific[...]

One of the most significant challenges among corporate volunteering programs is increasing participation. It’s not that people don’t want to give back[...]

What IS employee engagement? It's a common problem that companies have with employees who are not engaged and not challenged adequately with their[...]

Volunteering Performance is important because by now, it is widely known that volunteering can substantially increase a brand’s reputation, social[...]

Setting volunteer participation goals is getting more and more important as volunteering is getting bigger; the age of millennials popularized it[...]

Hurricane relief is the buzzword this season with the eastern seaboard of the USA and the island nations off of the coast having seen unprecedented[...]

One of the worst news a person can receive is that a storm is brewing and they must prepare for a hurricane heading their way.

Where parts of Texas are devastated by one of the costliest natural disasters in history, many opportunities have come to the front to volunteer for[...]

In the aftermath of the costliest natural disaster to hit the USA in memory there is much that needs to be done to help victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Hurricane Harvey blew through 50 counties in Texas leading to unimaginable devastation and offering many opportunities for us to show our humanity by[...]

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